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Why Are Cambodian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

There may be thousands of miles separating Cambodian brides from Western men, but those men still go to great lengths to land a Cambodian mail order bride. So what is so special about Cambodian women for marriage? Here are just three best things about them.

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Their beauty is exquisite

The beauty of Cambodian women has numerous fans around the world. It’s not as striking as the appearance of some other Asian women, but the subtle features and balanced figures of Cambodian girls will quickly turn you into an admirer. Cambodian women never wear revealing clothes or put on lots of makeup, but their beauty only becomes more special when you notice that it’s completely natural.

They are down to earth and humble

If you have been burned by your previous relationships where the partner demanded too much from you, a relationship with a Cambodian bride will feel very refreshing and satisfying. Cambodian mail order brides are happy with what they have and don’t make you jump through the hoops just to win their affection. Cambodian women are easily approachable and don’t like making men feel intimidated for no reason.

They find it impossible to fake their feelings

When you are dating a Cambodian woman, you never have to guess how she feels about you. These women may take longer to fall in love than Western women, but at least you will never have doubts about your woman’s true feelings. When a Cambodian woman is in love with a man, she surrounds him with so much attention that there is only one to interpret her feelings. And the longer you stay together, the more your Cambodian bride will open up to you.

What Are Cambodian Wives Like?

Whether your relationship with a Cambodian bride lasts for a few months or a few years, you will enjoy it more and more. There will come a time when you cannot imagine life with your Cambodian mail order bride, and that’s where you’ll want to make her your Cambodian wife. These are just some of the reasons to consider it.

Cambodian wives make unbelievable mothers

Motherhood skills are in the Cambodian women’s blood. Even when they grow up with no younger siblings, which is very rare in Cambodia, they still have some of the strongest maternal instincts you have ever seen. A Cambodian wife and mother can put her career on pause or even leave work completely to give her all to children, but at the same time, she will always remember that she is your wife and will never deprive you of attention.

They don’t oppose the male leadership

If you are tired of Western women constantly competing for the leading position in the household and prefer the more traditional way to distribute the power in the family, you will feel right at home with a Cambodian wife. Cambodian women for marriage are ready to give the man the reins, whether it comes to finances, making important life decisions, or even deciding where to go for dinner. At the same time, you can always expect sound advice and unquestionable support from Cambodian wives.

They constantly work around the house

You will never meet a Cambodian wife who spends her days doing nothing and just waiting for the husband to return from work. Cambodian wives are dedicating every free minute of their time to making the family home a better place for everyone. The home of a Cambodian wife is always spotlessly clean, tastefully decorated, and smelling of fresh and delicious homemade food. With a Cambodian woman as your life partner, you will never need to worry about chores again.

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Why Are Cambodian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Cambodia is a country with a fascinating history, beautiful nature, and breathtaking architecture, but while its past is definitely glorious, its present is more troubled. Many Cambodian women complain of poverty, unfair treatment from men, violence, and lack of opportunities for self-advancement. On top of that, Cambodian girls are enamored by Western men and have no problem with dating or marrying a foreigner and moving with him abroad. The decision to marry a foreign man is both romantic and pragmatic for Cambodian mail order brides, but you can always know that their feelings are genuine.

The Guide on Marrying a Cambodian Woman

Tips on dating a Cambodian girl

If you are feeling intimidated by the idea of dating a Cambodian woman, you are definitely not alone — a new relationship can be nerve-wracking even when you are together with a local woman, let alone when it’s a foreign woman from a completely different culture. These 5 tips will help you succeed against all odds.

  • Take the leading role in the relationship. Cambodian girls can never imagine themselves becoming the leader in the relationship or even reaching out to the man first. However, your Cambodian bride will be grateful when you assume the initiative.
  • Invite her to some nice dates. Don’t expect that a walk in the park or a quiet date at home will land you the most enviable Cambodian bride. These women expect to be wooed, and the most effective way to do it is through creative, lavish dates.
  • Don’t rush with the physical aspect of dating. Modern Cambodian women don’t always wait until marriage to make the relationship more intimate, but they also won’t have a positive reaction when you make physical advances too early in the relationship, even if it’s just a kiss.
  • Have some knowledge of Cambodian culture. An easy way to delight your Cambodian mail order bride and make her see you in a new light is to surprise her with your knowledge of Cambodian culture and language.
  • Find ways to be together even when you are apart. When you and your Cambodian bride live in different parts of the world, you probably won’t be able to meet as often as you’d like. However, modern technology offers plenty of ways to maintain a connection in between dates, so you should definitely take advantage of them.

Meeting Cambodian bride parents: 3 tips

The first meeting between you and the parents of your Cambodian mail order bride is very important. You will see how the family lives and communicates, and they will get to know you and decide whether you are a good match for their daughter. Use our tips to charm them from the first visit.

  • Bring gifts for every member of the family. It’s probably your first instinct to bring gifts for the family of your Cambodian bride, but you shouldn’t bring a big gift for the whole family: smaller individual gifts are preferred, and don’t forget about the siblings and grandparents of your bride.
  • Act like a better version of yourself. When meeting the parents of your Cambodian mail order bride for the first time, there is no need to pretend to be someone you are not. However, you should be more polite, cheerful, and fun whenever possible.
  • Be up for anything. The first meeting with your Cambodian bride’s parents can take an unexpected turn: you can be invited to a local festival or a wedding in the family, or simply asked to help with making dinner. Express enthusiasm for everything and take an active part in the event.
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Cambodian wedding customs and laws

A typical Cambodian wedding is very complex and consists of several essential stages. Your Cambodian bride will tell you everything you need to know before the big day, but these five facts will get you started.

  • The official introduction. On the morning of the wedding day, the groom and his family will arrive at the bride’s family home to officially introduce themselves, give them some symbolic gifts, and obtain their official permission to get married.
  • Serving the tea. The next stage of the wedding process in Cambodia is serving the tea to everyone in the room. This is a way to remember the family members who have already passed away and pay homage to the people who founded the family.
  • Blessings from the monk. Next, the local monks will arrive in the family home to bless the bride and the groom. Even if your Cambodian bride is not overly religious, she will still observe this custom to please her parents.
  • The knot tying ceremony. During the wedding ceremony, the closest family members will tie a red string over their clasped hands that hold a golden sword. This is done to symbolize the unity and longevity of the new marriage.
  • After the wedding. Unlike most other cultures around the world, where the wife is expected to move into the husband’s family home, Cambodians expect the husband to move in with the wife’s family to help her father around the house. Naturally, the situation can be different when the husband is a foreigner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a language barrier with my Cambodian bride?

There is a possibility of encountering a language barrier when meeting middle-aged or older Cambodians. But when you look for young Cambodian women for marriage, the possibility of encountering a serious language barrier is minimal. Cambodian girls learn English at school and use it for work, communication and enjoying Western media, so there shouldn’t be any problems with you understanding each other.

How difficult is it for Cambodian women to move overseas?

Like most women in the world, Cambodian brides are very attached to their families at home to the point where they live together before the marriage. However, Cambodian women have no problem with moving abroad for marriage, provided that they do it for a man they love. You should, however, create a strong support system for your bride.

How much dating experience do Cambodian women have before marriage?

Modern Cambodian girls don’t always see their first or second relationship ending in marriage, but they still hope that they have found their special someone when dating him. You can often meet a Cambodian bride who doesn’t have any serious romantic experience, but even if she does, it’s not going to have any negative effect on your relationship.