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Why Are Thai Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Thai mail order brides are not just popular — they are the ones who started the modern Asian mail order bride craze. Every year, thousands of Thai women enter the US on fiancée visas to marry American men. Here is why you may want it as well.

Their beauty leaves men speechless

Thai brides are the perfect example of that delicate but striking beauty that drives men crazy. Their flawless light skin is perfectly contrasted by their sleek and dark hair. Thai mail order brides have lovely facial features and wear just the right amount of makeup to make them more visible without going overboard. The petite but feminine bodies of Thai brides look even better thanks to the signature fashion sense of Thai women, which is both sophisticated and sexy.

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Thai brides combine the best of both worlds

When getting to know Thai mail order brides for the first time, you will probably expect them to be old-fashioned and traditional, but that is only half of the case. Thai brides are no strangers to the Western way of living. They enjoy the freedoms that Western women have, but they also want to stay true to their values. That is why, when dating a Thai woman, you will get a traditional Asian spirit with familiar Western views.

They are ready to settle down

Even when a Thai mail order bride is in her early twenties, she is often more mature and more willing to settle down than most of her Western counterparts. By that time, a Thai bride has already had some dating experience that turned out to be negative, and now they don’t want to waste any more time. They approach the relationship seriously and with maximum commitment from the start, which makes them perfect for your long-term plans.

What Are Thai Wives Like?

Marrying a Thai woman will reveal more sides of her personality than you will ever experience while dating. It’s not that Thai mail order brides are playing coy, but they definitely prefer to save the best for last. Here is what you can look forward to with a Thai wife.

They view chores as purely women’s prerogative

The man making money and the woman attending to the household is how Thai women were raised and they don’t want to change this situation when they start their own families. They rightfully consider themselves to be talented in everything concerning house duties and they are not willing to share them with anyone else. Your Thai wife will appreciate your help once in a whole, but she will never force you to do anything.

They value the opinion of their husbands

Thai wives heavily rely on their husbands to make the most important decisions in the life of a family. A Thai wife can offer her advice and take part in the discussions, but ultimately, she will leave it to you to make the move, no matter which aspect of life it concerns. If you want to build a family where your opinion not only matters, but is the only one that matters, you can’t go wrong with marrying a Thai woman.

They fully devote themselves to children

Thai mail order brides can have some fun after just getting married, but they prefer to start a family when they are still young and have a lot of childbearing years ahead of them. Thai women prefer having two or more children, but they also know when to stop so that every child gets enough attention and resources from both parents. With a Thai wife as the mother of your kids, the children will always be well-fed, healthy, educated, and utterly happy.

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Why Are Thai Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

As it’s often the case with Asian women for marriage, there are several factors that inspire Thai mail order brides to look for foreign husbands. First, it’s the sincere desire to marry a man who appreciates them for who they are and doesn’t try to change them. Second, it’s the undeniable attraction Thai brides have for American men and their way of living. Third, it’s the understanding that life in Thailand is far from perfect and the ambitious nature of Thai women that tells them that they can achieve more in a better developed country.

The Guide on Marrying a Thai Woman

Tips on dating a Thai girl

Even if you and your Thai mail order bride meet online and immediately hit it off, you will still need to date for a while to know that you are perfect for each other. Your Thai bride will try her hardest to make a good impression on you during this time, and this is what you can do to impress her as well.

  • Don’t wait for her to make the first move. Thai brides have surprisingly modern views, but not when it comes to romance. They want to be wooed, charmed, and generally prefer the man to take the lead in the relationship.
  • Invest extra effort into the dates. For the same reason, you probably won’t get away with low-cost, casual dates, especially at the beginning of the romance. We are not talking about hot air balloon rides, but you will definitely need to up your dating game.
  • No public displays of affection. No one can blame you when you get the urge to hug or kiss your Thai girlfriend in public, but there are several reasons why you shouldn’t do it and should rather wait until you’re home. Most importantly, PDA is condemned in Thailand.
  • Discuss your plans for the future. Even at the early relationship stages, when the romance is still new, you and your Thai mail order bride need to know that you are on the same page in terms of marriage, career, children, and budget.
  • Ask her to show you the real Thailand. You can visit Thailand as a tourist multiple times, but you will never see it through the eyes of the locals. Ask your Thai bride to take you on a tour and you will discover Thailand like you’ve never experienced before.
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Meeting Thai bride parents: 3 tips

Meeting the parents of your Thai mail order bride is something that will happen at least once before the wedding, and their opinion about you will heavily influence your bride’s opinion. Here is how to make that first meeting perfect.

  • Don’t act like an outsider. The Thai parents of your bride are cheerful and welcoming people, so it doesn’t make sense to act reserved and aloof around them. Even when there is a language barrier, try your hardest to take part in the discussions and jokes.
  • Make an effort to learn about their culture. Culture is an essential aspect of the personality of Thai people, and they are very proud of it. Seeing a foreigner make an effort to learn about their culture and language will simply melt their hearts.
  • Gifts are always a good idea. Thai people don’t visit each other empty-handed, and they expect the same from you. Ideally, you should ask your bride what each member of the family likes, but if you can’t, then wine, chocolate, and fruit will do.

Thai wedding customs and laws

A traditional Thai wedding is a surefire way to witness all of that incredible Thai culture in person. However, when it’s your own wedding to a Thai bride, you should learn the most important customs well in advance, and here they are:

  • Setting the wedding date. Thai brides and grooms don’t have much say in terms of when to hold the wedding. This matter will be decided by a fortune teller or another person equipped to choose the most auspicious date for the couple.
  • Engagement and wedding ceremony. In the past, Thai couples used to have the engagement ceremony weeks before the wedding, but now the Khan Maak, or engagement ceremony, is often held on the same day as the wedding to save time and money.
  • Making merit. Before embarking on a life journey together, the bride and the groom should make merit. This is usually done by inviting Buddhist monks to the house and making a sizable donation to their temple, as well as releasing an animal into the wild.
  • The gate ceremony. When the groom arrives at the bride’s family home to retrieve the bride, he will be met with several obstacles, or gates, arranged by the bride’s family and friends. He will need to complete little tasks and even pay money to get through.
  • The bridal bed. After the ceremony and the reception are over, the newlyweds enter their bridal suite only to find an older married couple from their circle on their bed. The couple is there as a symbol of good luck and to teach the newlyweds how to stay married as long as they have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m older than my Thai bride?

Thai brides are known, among other things, for their relaxed attitude to the age difference in the relationship. In fact, they prefer the man to be slightly or significantly older, depending on the woman’s personal views. They rightfully believe that the older the man is, the more confident, successful, and generous he is, and that’s exactly what they want to see in men.

Is it hard for Thai women to move abroad for good?

Thai women are very attached to their parents and their culture at home, but they are prepared to say goodbye to their old lives and move abroad when there is genuine love between you. To make things easier for your Thai wife, you can help her find a Thai community in her new city and let her visit the family in Thailand whenever she wants.

How can I be sure my Thai wife actually loves me?

The incredible thing about Thai mail order brides is that they are absolutely incapable of faking their feelings and appearing to be in love when there isn’t any. When a Thai bride is truly interested in you, you can always tell by her voice, her body language, and her behavior. As long as she looks at you with the same loving eyes, you can rest assured the fire is alive.