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Why Are Japanese Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Japan seems like a very long way to go for marriage, but once you experience the charm of Japanese women for marriage, you will no longer doubt that a Japanese girl can make your ideal soulmate.

They have a dazzling appearance

The beauty of Japanese brides is so famous around the world that it has inspired numerous beauty crazes for foreign women. Women want to embody Japanese beauty using whichever way they have, and that is the best testament to the attractiveness of Japanese women there is. Women in Japan are petite and don’t have the most pronounced curves, but they are still unmistakably feminine. The pale skin, rosy cheeks, light makeup, and sleek dark hair are other signature beauty features of Japanese ladies.

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They want true love

Japanese women may seem very busy and career-oriented, but deep down, all they want is to find true love and to spend the rest of their lives with a man they love. Japanese mail order brides are huge romantics at heart and nothing makes them happier than finding someone they can see a future with. By the time a Japanese girl reaches the age of marriage, she typically has some dating experience, so she knows exactly when she’s met her special someone.

They have outstanding personalities

Japanese women for marriage will first astonish you with the difference in your cultural background and upbringing, but you will soon grow to appreciate it. Japanese ladies are the kind of women who you can spend hours talking to and not get tired even for one minute. Women in Japan approach every aspect of life differently from Western women, from dating and romance to family, hobbies, and career, and that is exactly what makes them so fascinating.

What Are Japanese Wives Like?

Dating sexy Japanese women is one thing, but you can only experience certain sides of their personalities through marriage. Luckily, marriage to a Japanese wife is a very gratifying experience and here is why you are guaranteed to enjoy it.

They have found the perfect balance in life

Unlike many other women around the world, Japanese women are not 100% focused on just one aspect of life, whether it’s family or career. They manage to successfully do it all without making any sphere suffer. You can count on your Japanese wife’s contribution to every aspect of family life, so you will always feel like you have someone helping you build a better life for the family.

They make caring and sensible mothers

Japanese wives are not too quick to have children and they may even wait for a few years after the wedding to have their first child. The only reason for that is that childbirth is viewed as a serious step in Japan and Japanese women don’t take it lightly. They want to make sure they are absolutely ready to have kids, and once that happens, you won’t find a better candidate to turn into the mother of your future children.

Life with a Japanese wife is never boring

If you are searching for someone who will do all the housework and raise your children without doing much else, you probably shouldn’t go for a Japanese wife. A Japanese wife is someone who keeps her fascinating and entertaining personality for as long as the marriage lasts. A Japanese mail order wife will never be happy with just sitting at home doing nothing, so you may need to upgrade your own lifestyle and make it more active.

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Why Are Japanese Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Japan is one of the most prosperous countries in the world where women have everything they need in terms of education, healthcare, career, and fair treatment. This is why Japanese mail order brides are not motivated by a desire to escape to a more developed country like many other Asian and Latin brides. For them, it’s simply a desire to explore life overseas with a man they are attracted to and can see as a potential husband. Japanese women use international marriage to try their luck in a different environment.

The Guide on Marrying a Japanese Woman

Tips on dating a Japanese girl

Starting a relationship with a Japanese mail order bride, especially when you hope it will lead to a wonderful marriage, requires you to use all of your dating experience, charm, and even more. These are the 5 tips that will help you emerge as a winner.

  • Give her a chance to reach out first. Japanese women are getting more empowered by the minute, and they don’t always want to be approached by men first. You can indicate your interest by smiling or sending over a drink at a bar, but giving the power to her will give your relationship a fresh start.
  • Don’t wait forever until taking the relationship further. Japanese mail order brides are well aware of the stages a typical relationship should take. They may not initiate the first kiss or the first night you spend together, but you shouldn’t wait for ages before making that happen either.
  • Impress her with your knowledge of Japanese language and local culture. Japanese women for marriage are incredibly proud of their cultural heritage and they couldn’t be happier to see your genuine interest in their background and that you spent the time to do the research.
  • Keep your romance alive with messages. As two busy individuals who have work and other commitments, you probably won’t be able to go on dates as often as you’d both want to. However, that’s not the reason to let your relationship fizzle out. Messages, calls, video chats, and even chat stickers are a great way to maintain the romance.
  • Find out how she sees her future. There is no need to propose on the first or third date, but your Japanese bride needs to know your relationship has a clear direction. Discuss your plans for the future and make sure you and your bride are on the same page in the most important aspects.
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Meeting Japanese bride parents: 4 tips

Meeting the parents of your bride-to-be can be a stressful event even under normal circumstances, let alone when you and her family come from completely different parts of the world. Your Japanese bride may tell you everything you need to know about her parents to make a good impression on them, and these 4 universal tips will also help.

  • Show up on time and look presentable. Japanese people are known for being extremely punctual and they cannot stand it when someone is late for a meeting. Ideally, you should arrive 5 minutes in advance and your look should be neat and meticulous.
  • Bring a meaningful but inexpensive gift. Arriving to meet the parents of your bride empty-handed is considered distasteful in Japan. Something sweet, preferably from your own country, is a great idea of a welcome gift that doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
  • Be talkative but polite. During the meeting, you should not only answer the questions they ask you directly, but also ask questions of your own and take part in the discussions. However, you shouldn’t talk over the elders in the family or ask uncomfortable questions.
  • Send them a thank-you note. A very effective way of cementing your good position in the family is to send your future in-laws a thank-you note after the meeting, voicing your appreciation of the way you were welcomed into the family.

Japanese wedding customs and laws

Given how peculiar and unlike anything else in the world Japanese culture is, it’s not at all surprising that a Japanese wedding ceremony is a collection of unique customs you won’t see in other countries. Here are the 5 essential components of a Japanese wedding.

  • The engagement ceremony. The engagement ceremony, or betrothal, is a Japanese tradition that dates back to the times when arranged marriages were still common. During this event, the groom and his family will present the bride’s family with symbolic gifts and ask for their permission to get married.
  • Four wedding styles. These days, wedding traditions in Japan are much more relaxed than they used to be, and you can choose from four possible wedding styles. You can have a Shinto wedding, a Buddhist wedding, a Christian wedding, or a civil wedding. Alternatively, you can use different elements from several styles in your ceremony.
  • Sake cups instead of wedding vows. Instead of exchanging wedding vows, Japanese newlyweds will take three sips of sake from three ceremonial wedding cups. Their parents will then follow suit to ensure a long and happy marriage for their kids.
  • The couples take the central stage. During a Japanese wedding reception, the newlyweds don’t blend in with the crowd. Instead, they are seated on an elevated stage in front of the wedding venue, and the guests will face them when saying their well-wishes or doing little performances.
  • Cash wedding gifts. In Japan, you will hardly ever see wedding guests bringing appliances and dish sets as wedding gifts. Instead, the guests are expected to present the newlyweds with money — typically, it’s 30,000 yen in an envelope with the guest’s name stated in the front.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I expect a language barrier?

Not at all! The Japanese English accent may take you some time to get used to, but Japanese mail order brides are far more proficient in English than you imagine. They learn English at school, by watching Western films and TV shows, and if a Japanese girl is interested in marrying a foreign man, she will also brush up on her knowledge of English.

Do Japanese wives prefer to work after getting married?

That happens to be the case in most Japanese marriages. Women in Japan are hard workers by nature, so while they may take a break from work after having children or moving to a different country, they will soon return to work. They enjoy financial independence, as well as the opportunity to apply their knowledge and talents where they are needed.

How much does an age difference matter to a Japanese bride?

Not much, according to many Japanese mail order brides who shared their thoughts on the matter. It can be hard to find a Japanese bride who is willing to be with someone 20 years older than her, but if we are talking about an age gap of 10 years or less, this shouldn’t be a problem for your budding relationship at all.