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Why Are Lebanese Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Lebanese singles are extremely sought after by Western men. Thousands of Lebanese mail order brides relocate to the USA and Western-European countries every year. And if you have not been lucky to meet Lebanese girls yet, here is the list of features making women of this nationality so popular with men.

They Are Beautiful

Lebanese chicks are great for admirers of exotic beauty. They are typical representatives of gorgeous oriental appearance. Thousands of men looking for something new and extraordinary are delighted with the women of Lebanon. They are so different from Western ladies! Arabian beauty is so exotic and outstanding that charms all men who are in search of something unusual.

They Are Very Well Groomed

There is a beauty cult in Lebanon. Therefore, beautiful Lebanese women do everything possible to improve their appearances and become even more good-looking and attractive. They are frequent visitors of beauty salons and fashionable clothes stores. This helps them to be very well groomed and look really gorgeous.

They Are Self-Confident

Pretty Lebanese girls are free of complexes. They are very self-assured. Therefore, they are relaxed while meeting men. Thanks to this, it is a pleasure to communicate with a lady of this nationality. And this very fact makes men be fond of Lebanese women.

They Are Sexy

Although Lebanon is an Arabian country, it has no strict religious laws. Therefore, hot Lebanese girls are free to show their beauty and express their sexuality. Women of this nationality are the most uninhibited, free, and unprejudiced among all Arabian ladies.

They Are Family-Oriented

Sexy Lebanese girls may look very hot, attractive, and bright. But most of them are not interested in light affairs. They are looking for serious relationships and are aimed at founding a family.

What Are Lebanese Wives Like?

Once you have decided to start dating a Lebanese girl, you should be ready to marry her because women of this nationality are looking only for serious relationships. So, to make a final decision whether a Lebanese lady is a good match for you, look at what kind of spouses women of this nationality usually make.

Lebanese Wives Respect Their Husbands

Lebanon is a country with traditional family values. So, Lebanese girls have been brought up in an atmosphere of respect to their fathers. And they transfer such a relationship pattern to their own families. A typical wife of this nationality believes her husband to be the head of a family and respects him, his opinions, and decisions. 

Lebanese Wives Are Understanding

They are not the type of women who will be constantly provoking arguments. They are understanding and can tolerate some minor short points in family life. So, if there are some temporary problems in your life and relationships, a wife of this nationality will not be eager to divorce. Women of this nationality often do everything possible to save the marriage.

Lebanese Wives Are Excellent Housekeepers

Women of this nationality can make perfect housewives. They are keen on keeping everything in order and extremely good at cooking. Wives from Lebanon always try hard to keep the family hearth. They take thorough care of their husbands’ and kids’ comfort and happiness.

Lebanese Wives Are Good Lovers

Women of this nationality, unlike many other Arabian girls, are not shy in bed. They know how to express their sexuality and make their husbands satisfied with their intimate life.

Lebanese Wives Are Loving Mothers 

They adore children. If you are eager to have a large close-knit family, there is no better match for you than a Lebanese bride.

Why Are Lebanese Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Thousands of Lebanese women for marriage are in search of their future spouses from abroad. And the main reason for their strong desire to marry foreigners is not being satisfied with local men. Many Lebanese brides do not like the following character traits in local grooms:

  • Jealousy. Jealous scenes are very typical for local men. And women become sick and tired of them very quickly.
  • Bossiness. Men of this nationality like to tell their women what to do. This may be really annoying.
  • Touchiness. Men from Lebanon are very easy to offend. They often get offended because of nothing. So, always thinking about how to act not to offend a boyfriend may be tiring for Lebanese brides.
  • Short temper. It is very easy to make a man of this nationality mad. And then, a long quarrel is guaranteed. Lebanese brides are not fond of such a peculiarity.

Due to these disadvantages of the character of local men, Lebanese brides are looking for Western men. They know that these gentlemen are calmer, more understanding, and are used to respecting personal boundaries.

The Guide on Marrying a Lebanese Woman

Tips on Dating Lebanese Girls

  • Be self-confident. Lebanese women are self-assured and like men who are the same. If you are shy and not confident, you will not manage to make a good impression on Lebanese mail order brides.
  • Do not be afraid to show your feelings. Lebanese brides do not understand hints. They expect men to express their love for them directly.
  • Compliment her. Women of this nationality are keen on self-care. And they like it when men appreciate this.
  • Give presents to her. This is the right way to the heart of a lady of this nationality. These women like presents very much.
  • Talk about the future. Discuss the future life together for her not to doubt that you are serious about her.
  • Do not delay marriage. Dating for more than a year is not appropriate for the majority of Lebanese brides. If you do not propose for a long time she may decide that you are not serious about her.

Meeting Lebanese Bride’s Parents: 5 Tips

  • Be respectful. Respecting parents is compulsory according to the local traditions.
  • Give presents to them. It will help you to make a good impression on them.
  • Show them that you are serious about their daughter. Any Lebanese bride’s parents are eager to make sure that a boyfriend is serious about their daughter. Otherwise, they will not let her date him.
  • Discuss the future wedding. Lebanese parents accept only men who are serious about their daughter. So, you should be ready to discuss the wedding right after you meet her family.
  • Tell them the details of how you are going to live together after marriage. Lebanese parents want to understand what level of life you can ensure for their daughter. So, tell them what city you live in, what kind of apartment you own, and how much you earn.

Lebanese Wedding Customs and Laws

  1. Engagement. It is compulsory to hold it before the wedding. To engage with a Lebanese bride, a man should present a ring to her which she puts on the annular of the right hand. After the wedding, a wife starts to wear this ring on the annular of the left hand. 
  2. Celebrating the day before the wedding. On the eve of the wedding or a few days before, the relatives gather at the Lebanese bride’s place. They congratulate her and her parents on the future wedding and hold a celebration with delicious food and heart-to-heart talks.
  3. Coffee fortune-telling. On the eve of the wedding, Lebanese brides together with their friends try to find out what the future family life will be like. Of course, modern Lebanese brides do not take it seriously, but this is an interesting tradition that has been preserved since ancient times.
  4. Presenting gold jewelry to Lebanese brides. On the wedding day, all the relatives of Lebanese brides give them presents: gold rings, earrings, and bracelets.
  5. A big number of guests. A quiet wedding is not for Lebanese brides. The number of guests can reach up to 700-800!
  6. A traditional dance. At the beginning of the wedding celebration, Lebanese brides perform a traditional Lebanese dance together with their grooms.
  7. Grandiose wedding cake. Lebanese brides prefer very big and extremely beautiful wedding cakes.
  8. Presents to female relatives of a husband. Right after the wedding, Lebanese brides make presents to the mother, aunts, sisters, cousins, and other female relatives of their grooms.


What Is the Religion of Lebanese Brides?

There are both Muslims and Christians in this country. So, it is possible for men of both confessions to find a bride of the same religion.

More often, Lebanese mail order brides are Christians. Women of this denomination tend to look for Western husbands. While Muslims are more rarely seen among Lebanese mail order brides as many of them marry locals.

Is It Allowed to Lebanese Brides to Marry Foreigners?

Yes, it is. But it is better to be of the same denomination. Muslim women hardly ever marry men of different confessions. So, if you are a Christian, better pay your attention to Christian Lebanese mail order brides. And if you are Muslim, you can choose out of Muslim Lebanese mail order brides.

What Kind of Men Do Lebanese Brides Like?

To be attractive to Lebanese mail order brides, a man should be:

  • Successful. Beautiful Lebanese girls like successful men. If you have a lot to boast of, you will definitely be attractive to Lebanese mail order brides.
  • Financially stable. The majority of Lebanese mail order brides are going to become housewives. As they will not work after marriage, they look for men who can provide for all the family needs.
  • Calm and balanced. Lebanese brides are sick and tired of short-tempered local men. So, they are looking for calmer foreign grooms.
  • Respectful. Lebanese mail order brides are fond of men who respect their opinions and personal boundaries as locals rarely do this.

What Do Lebanese Wives Think About Kids’ Upbringing?

  • They prefer having a few children. Unlike Western women who are usually ready only for 1-2 kids, Lebanese wives usually do not mind having 3-4 of them.
  • They care about their kids’ socialization. Lebanese wives always take their kids together with them to public places like restaurants and malls. So, kids get used to spending time in society from early childhood. Moreover, Lebanese mothers often teach their children how to communicate with their age-mates.
  • They do not insist on sticking to a daily schedule strictly. Mothers of this nationality are not obsessed with a daily routine. They do not make children eat or go to sleep regardless of their will. Such freedom regarding a daily schedule makes kids grow up happy and able to understand what they want to do and when.

How Do Lebanese Wives Share Household Chores With Their Husbands?

Usually, Lebanese wives are housewives and do not work after marriage. So, they do not expect their husbands to help them with household chores. The only exception is taking care of children. Wives of this nationality expect their husbands to take part in kids’ upbringing and to spend a lot of time together with children. All the rest (like cleaning, cooking, etc) is only her responsibility.