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Why Are Indian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Western men have no shortage of attractive and ambitious women to marry in their home countries, but many of them still dream about Indian women for marriage. So what exactly makes them stand out from other Asian and even Western women?

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Their beauty is one-of-a-kind

Even if you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of Asian women, you can try very hard but still not find anyone even remotely as beautiful as Indian women. Their rich olive skin tone, dark captivating eyes, and plump pink lips will make you think about their beauty every day. Indian women are rightfully proud of their gorgeous hair, and the fit but feminine bodies of Indian mail order brides have made them particularly popular among Western men who long for beautiful partners.

They have little to no dating experience

When dating Western women, you often find yourself being unfavorably compared to the men who came before you. Women in the West are famously choosy when it comes to picking a partner and they will judge you not always to your advantage. This is not something you should expect with Indian women, who rarely have a lot of dating experience before marriage. When they decide to be with someone, they never compare him to anyone and treat the relationship like the best thing that has ever happened to them.

They respect and cherish their partners

For Indian mail order brides, relationships are deeply rooted in respect and mutual adoration. Indian women grow up in families where both parents support and respect each other, and they want the same for their own families. If you haven’t been lucky enough in your previous relationships to get a supportive partner, a romance with an Indian bride will feel like a breath of fresh air for you.

What Are Indian Wives Like?

Marriage to an Indian wife will unlock you even more of her amazing features than simply dating an Indian woman. Indian women for marriage are coveted by men around the world, and here is what makes them so popular.

They make outstanding mothers

Children are essential to Indian family culture and while Indian women don’t rush to have children, motherhood is on their mind from the moment they meet their soulmate. An Indian wife will be delighted when you tell her you want to start a family and she will do everything she can to raise happy, healthy children that grow up into accomplished adults who still value their family and are thankful to their parents.

They are very smart with money

One of the less-known features of Indian women for marriage is their resourcefulness. Whether you marry an Indian bride from a wealthy family or your bride comes from more humble beginnings, Indian women are excellent with finances. They know exactly where to save money and where to splurge to make their families happy. With an Indian wife, you can rest assured your finances are in the right hands.

They are excellent cooks

Indian women can have different hobbies and lifestyles, but you will never meet an Indian wife who doesn’t care what her family eats and relies on takeaway and frozen meals to feed her loved ones. Indian wives will always find the time in their busy schedules to prepare at least a full dinner for their families, but if you’re lucky enough, you will marry a woman who will also have breakfast and lunch ready for you every day.

Why Are Indian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

India is one of the most controversial places to live on the planet. In some regards, India is making genuine effort to become better for its citizens, and in others, things are not ideal in the country. Indian women who were not born in respected wealthy families face obstacles every day. They often face disrespect and even abuse from men. They have limited chances to get education and build a career. They often cannot even decide who to marry and where to live. All of these factors, along with the sincere attraction Indian brides have for foreign men, is exactly what makes them so likely to search for a foreign husband.

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The Guide on Marrying an Indian Woman

Tips on dating an Indian girl

Since your Indian lady will have little to no romantic experience, you will need to become the leader in your relationship. Here is how to set the relationship with an Indian mail order bride on the right track.

  • A standard approach may not work. Smiling, offering the lady a drink, and then beginning meaningless small talk may work with many foreign women, but Indian brides will need you to put more thought and substance into the romance.
  • Don’t demonstrate your affection in public. India is a very conservative country, and it’s even more conservative when a foreigner is dating one of their own. Hugging or kissing your bride in public may anger the locals and cause them to resent you.
  • Get her friends on your side. When dating an Indian woman in a somewhat hostile environment, you need all the support you can get. Getting her friends to like you will make your girlfriend consider you an even better candidate for marriage.
  • Focus on your similarities. Since you and your Indian mail order bride grew up in a completely different environment and culture, there are more than enough differences between you. That is why you should focus on the similarities instead.
  • Don’t pressure her into anything. An Indian bride may not progress through the different relationship stages as quickly as a woman from your own country. However, their serious approach to dating is exactly what makes them so desirable among Western men.

Meeting Indian bride parents: 3 tips

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the parents of your Indian mail order bride are probably not particularly fond of the idea of her marrying a foreigner. That is why you need to be extra charming to convince them that you are a good person. Here is how to do it:

  • Demonstrate utmost respect. When meeting the parents of your Indian mail order bride, don’t behave like you are already a part of the family. Act with respect, but don’t be too shy or quiet, since it can give them the wrong idea about you.
  • Talk about your long-term plans. The parents of your Indian bride need to know that she’s not just a temporary fling for you and that you plan to spend the rest of your lives together. Mention how you see your family in a decade or more.
  • Research Indian culture. No one expects you to have deep knowledge about Indian language and culture when you’ve only just met your bride, but her parents need to see that you are at least willing to put in effort into getting to know her background.

Indian wedding customs and laws

An Indian wedding, whether it’s held in India or abroad, is a collection of intricate customs that have been alive for centuries. Even when you are marrying the most forward-thinking Indian bride, you should still get ready for the following traditions:

  • The Misri ceremony. During the Misri ceremony, the groom and his family visit the bride and her family to formally introduce themselves and indicate the groom’s desire to marry the bride. This ceremony can involve some gifts and you can invite other guests.
  • The Mehendi night. The Mehendi ceremony is reserved only for the female side of the family. The women, led by the bride, will get henna tattoos on their hands and other parts of their body, and the bride will prepare to tie her life to her groom.
  • The Haldi ceremony. The Haldi ceremony is a brief but fun event before the wedding where the parents from both sides cover the bride and the groom with a mixture of oil, water, and turmeric for prosperity and to nourish their skin.
  • The shoe thief. On the morning of the wedding day, the groom will visit the bride’s family home. His future mother-in-law will wash his hands and offer him a drink, while the bride’s sister will try to steal his shoes. If she succeeds, the groom will need to buy out his shoes in time for the main event.
  • Tying the mangalsutra. Unlike the brides and grooms in the West, who exchange wedding rings as the culmination of the wedding, Indian grooms tie the mangalsutra, a necklace with two gold pendants, on the bride’s neck instead.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How well do Indian brides know English?

Indian mail order brides are more fluent in English than you can imagine. They learn English in school and universities, and many Indian women need good English knowledge for their careers. After you get used to your bride’s exotic accent, you will understand each other with no issues whatsoever.

Is it common for Indian families to share chores?

The answer to this question largely depends on the communication between the partners. Generally, Indian wives have no problem with doing most of the chores provided that their husband is by far the main breadwinner in the family. If you both work, you should be ready for your Indian wife asking you to do some of the chores.

Do Indian women return to work after having children?

For most women living in India, the birth of children is a good enough reason to quit work and spend all of their time at home attending to the kids. However, the situation in your family can go either way. For example, if a woman has a strong support system at home, she will gladly go back to work after the children turn 1.