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Why Are Vietnamese Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

There are almost 50 countries in Asia, but Vietnamese women for marriage are steadily among the top 5 most popular mail order brides in the region. You may already know a few things about Vietnamese mail order brides, but here is what makes them so attractive to men.

They look like fairytale beauties

You don’t need to see a lot of Vietnamese brides to realize that they are some of the prettiest women in Asia. They look like characters from adorable cartoons, and their delicate manners and feminine laugh only make them look more mesmerizing. Vietnamese mail order brides have light skin, dark eyes, and luscious silky hair. A signature trait of Vietnamese women is their all-natural look and their ability to look the same for years without doing anything drastic.

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They are smart but quiet

Talking to a Vietnamese mail order bride is a fantastic experience. These women may take a while to open up to a new man, but once it happens, you will want to spend every minute of your time in a conversation with a Vietnamese bride. Women in Vietnam are well-read and naturally smart, but they don’t boast their education or intelligence. Vietnamese brides are not the type of women who will interrupt your talking with a comment to showcase their wit.

They appreciate everything you do for them

When you are in a relationship with a Vietnamese mail order bride, you won’t need to try too hard to impress her. These women are as interested in making the relationship work as you are and they will often meet you halfway in terms of your needs. A Vietnamese bride will be happy with any token of your attention, and even the smallest gift can make them happy simply because they are interested in meeting a soulmate, not someone who will only meet their needs.

What Are Vietnamese Wives Like?

If you are considering a Vietnamese bride not only for an exciting romance, but also for marriage, you are on the right track. Vietnamese mail order wives have all the qualities you can look for in your potential partner for life. Here are three reasons to consider Vietnamese women for marriage.

They are resourceful

Vietnamese women often grow up in families where they need to learn to make a lot with a little. Even when the fridge and pantry are nearly empty, a Vietnamese wife will always find a way to treat her family to a fresh dinner without making a grocery trip. This is why you can always entrust the household budget to your Vietnamese wife and watch her gradually improve the family’s finances without you doing more than you used to.

They truly shine as mothers

Motherhood is the most important thing that can happen to a Vietnamese woman and something that will make her feel happy and accomplished. You should know that Vietnamese wives are rarely satisfied with just one child and want at least two. At the same time, Vietnamese wives are ready to fully dedicate themselves to being mothers without forgetting about their wifely duties.

They want to make you happy

Vietnamese women realize that a marriage cannot last for decades without both parties investing some effort into the relationship. Your Vietnamese wife understands that you work hard for the sake of your family, which is why she will assume most of the responsibilities in your couple. A Vietnamese mail order wife is someone who will always make sure you are happy, comfortable, and fully satisfied before attending to her own needs, and that kind of selflessness makes Vietnamese women perfect for marriage.

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Why Are Vietnamese Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Unlike South Korea and Japan, where women are emancipated and enjoy the same respect as the men, Vietnamese is a very old-fashioned country when it comes to attitude towards women. For millions of Vietnamese men, no matter how well-educated or wealthy they are, women are viewed as housewives and mothers, not as individuals in their own right. Naturally, this is not something Vietnamese women are ready to accept. They want to be seen as equals to men and to have the lifestyle and career opportunities of Western women. That is why they can easily imagine themselves being married to a charming foreign man they meet online.

The Guide on Marrying a Vietnamese Woman

Tips on dating a Vietnamese girl

Even when you meet your Vietnamese mail order bride on an international dating site, you will still need to date her for some time to make sure you are perfect for each other. During this romance, use these 5 tips to make it even more successful.

  • You need to reach out first. A Vietnamese girl can indicate her interest by smiling at you or liking your photo on the internet, but she is not used to initiating the conversation, so you will need to take a proactive approach in this matter.
  • Don’t try to buy her affection with gifts. Like any woman in the world, Vietnamese brides are impartial to cute gifts, but they don’t need to be expensive in order to impress her. A small bouquet of her favorite flowers will work better than the latest smartphone.
  • Demonstrate your respectful treatment of women. Obviously, you will treat your Vietnamese bride with the respect and adoration she deserves, but you also need to pay the same respects to other women, both in your opinions and your actions.
  • Get inventive with your dates. Classic dinner and cinema dates work great in the early stages of the relationship, but don’t expect them to carry you all the way to marriage. Vietnamese brides like to be impressed, and that includes creative date ideas.
  • Show off your family values. Vietnamese mail order brides are more than familiar with men who view them only as fling partners and don’t plan to commit to them. Prove you are different by talking about your future family with your bride.
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Meeting Vietnamese bride parents: 3 tips

When you finally get the invitation to visit your bride’s family back in Vietnam, you should consider it to be a special honor. Vietnamese brides only invite a man home when they can see a future with him, and here is how you can make a good first impression.

  • Don’t try to be someone you are not. When you are meeting your future in-laws for the first time, there is a big temptation to look cooler, richer, happier, or more social than you really are, but remember that the truth will always come out at the worst possible moment.
  • Minimal knowledge of language and culture is essential. No one expects you, a foreigner, to be able to lead full conversations in Vietnamese or to have expert-level knowledge of their culture, but you also cannot be completely oblivious to it.
  • Pay special attention to the elders. If you’re lucky enough, you will meet not only the parents and siblings, but also the grandparents of your bride. Their opinion matters to your bride a lot, so be extra attentive and respectful to them.

Vietnamese wedding customs and laws

Vietnamese wedding traditions have been forming for centuries and will undoubtedly change in the future, but when you are getting ready for your own Vietnamese wedding, these are the 5 customs to keep in mind.

  • The official proposal. Even if you know your bride’s parents well and your parents love your bride, there still needs to be an official proposal ceremony. Your parents will also need to bring some symbolic gifts to the bride’s parents.
  • Setting the date. The date of the wedding has a special meaning for Vietnamese brides and grooms. They get together with their families to set the perfect date and even consult religious authorities or astrologists.
  • Getting the bride. After arriving at the bride’s family home on the day of the wedding, you will need to get her parents’ official permission to get the bride first. After that, you can take her to the wedding venue.
  • The wedding ceremony. In Vietnam, the wedding ceremony itself is not the most serious part of the event. It is usually officiated by an emcee and can look and feel exactly how the bride and the groom envision their perfect wedding.
  • Traditional wedding reception. The wedding reception in Vietnam is attended by a large number of guests, who each bring a small cash or symbolic gift. There are around 8 traditional dishes served during the reception, and there is plenty of entertainment too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Vietnamese brides care about my financial situation?

Your financial stability does matter to a Vietnamese bride, but only in terms of your ability to support the family financially while your wife is not working — for example, when she’s just had a baby. If you’re wondering whether Vietnamese mail order brides love expensive gifts and luxury dining, we are happy to tell you that they are not at all materialistic.

How much dating experience do Vietnamese brides usually have before marriage?

Women in Vietnam are not promiscuous. They typically begin dating in their late teens and have one or two serious relationships before meeting the man they want to marry. On one hand, those dating experiences give Vietnamese brides a clear idea of how to behave in a relationship, but on the other hand, they allow her to appreciate her man even more.

How are chores divided in a typical Vietnamese family?

The most traditional way of arranging house duties in a Vietnamese families is when the woman does most of the housework, provided she doesn’t work for a living, and the man occasionally helps around the house. If your bride is also working, you may have to find a new arrangement, but if not, she will likely be happy to do all the chores herself.