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Why Are Turkish Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Turkish brides are sought after by men from their own country, but they are also increasingly popular among Western men who are looking for their perfect match. Here is why you should also consider Turkish women for marriage.

Their appearance is exquisite

The beauty of Turkish brides is not subtle. It’s something you instantly notice when meeting a Turkish woman online or in person and your appreciation of her beauty will only grow with time. Turkish women have strong facial features and highly contrasting appearances that allow them to look majestic without any makeup on. Turkish brides are rather conservative in their personal style, but you can still quickly tell that they are some of the most feminine, curviest women you’ve ever met.

Turkish brides are fiercely loyal

Turkish women expect to find their future husband early in their lives and they want the relationship to last forever. They are not interested in dating multiple men one after another or developing a romantic interest when they are already in a serious relationship. So when you are dating a Turkish lady and you both agree that the relationship is going well, you can expect her to be completely loyal to you even before you have the discussion about your future.

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They have complex and fascinating personalities

Turkish mail order brides have some of the most interesting personalities among all women you’ve ever met. Turkey occupies a special place between the Western and the Eastern worlds, which made a clear impact on the mindset of its citizens. Turkish brides have very traditional views in many regards, but they are also surprisingly modern and want to get the best of both worlds. Talking to a Turkish mail order bride will feel like meeting someone for the first time who is somehow already familiar to you.

What Are Turkish Wives Like?

Like lots of men around the world, you are probably interested in Turkish women for marriage, not just casual dating. Turkish wives have many benefits you’d want to experience in person, and here are three biggest ones.

They won’t make you do the chores

A Turkish wife can be the busiest woman in the world or fully dedicate herself to her family, but the one thing all Turkish brides have in common is their love for housework. They consider themselves to be true pros at chores and simply don’t trust anyone else with keeping the house clean and the dinner table filled with delicious homemade food. That is why you can fully expect your Turkish wife to do all the housework without any complaints or exhaustion.

They enjoy every minute spent with their family

Whether you have spent a month, a year, or a decade with your Turkish wife, you can rest assured she is as delighted to be with you as she was when you first met. Turkish wives truly appreciate their families and they never regret dedicating their whole lives to their loved ones. A Turkish family will always know the best thing for the whole family to do, a place to visit, or a vacation to have to strengthen the family bonds.

You won’t find a more loving mother for your children

Turkish women consider motherhood to be their one true calling, and after seeing your Turkish wife tend to your children, you will understand why. Many Turkish brides grow up in families where they get to watch their younger siblings or nephews and nieces, which gives them essential knowledge about taking care of the little ones. On top of that, they are naturally warm, caring, and fair, which are the three qualities you want to see in the mother of your kids.

Why Are Turkish Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

The reasons for Turkish mail order brides looking for foreign husbands are similar to the reasoning of other Asian mail order brides. Turkey is one of the most westernized Asian countries, but it is still very outdated in many aspects. The parents of a typical Turkish bride try to make all the decisions for her even though she is an adult. It is also expected that a Turkish woman will marry whoever her parents tell her to marry, and that man will then continue making the decisions for her instead of her parents. Needless to say, this is not something every Turkish girl can accept, and that is why they get an idea to search for a foreign man to marry.

The Guide on Marrying a Turkish Woman

Tips on dating a Turkish girl

A relationship with a Turkish mail order bride will determine whether you are meant to be together forever, so don’t treat it like a meaningless fling. These 5 tips will help you build a perfect romance with a Turkish bride:

  • Establish a friendly connection first. There is no need to get too romantically attached from the start, when you don’t know whether your personalities match yet. Make sure you have a lot in common and can get along well as friends first.
  • Show you’re in for the long run. Your Turkish bride needs to know that you treat the relationship with her as something that can turn into a wonderful marriage. Mention your long-term plans to see whether they match hers.
  • Gifts and flowers are essential. In Turkish dating culture, men are encouraged and expected to bring flowers and small gifts to their women. You’ll need particularly thoughtful and impressive gifts on anniversaries and other special dates.
  • Shower her with attention. Turkish mail order brides love to be spoiled, and not just with material gifts, but also with attention. A Turkish bride will be delighted to get your romantic texts, phone calls in the middle of the day, and unexpected flower delivery.
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in her. In order to fully trust you, a Turkish bride needs to know you are not only enamored by her beauty or youth. She needs to be confident that you care about her personality as well, and the best way to prove it is to ask lots of questions and remember the answers.
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Meeting Turkish bride parents: 3 tips

The parents of your Turkish mail order bride will be as excited to meet you as you are excited to meet them, but they will also quietly evaluate you and decide whether you are a good match for their daughter. Here is how you can make the best possible impression on them.

  • Come prepared with knowledge. Everyone knows you’re a foreigner, but you don’t need to make it too obvious that you know nothing about Turkish culture. Do some reading on your own or ask your Turkish bride to enlighten you before the first visit.
  • Don’t mention controversial topics. There are many subjects that Turkish people are not ready to discuss with people they see for the first time, including their religious and political views, so it’s best to let them direct the conversation.
  • Ask them to show you the real Turkey. You can visit Turkey as a tourist several times, but you will never see it through the eyes of the locals unless they show it to you. The best way to experience it is to visit a Turkish celebration with the parents of your bride.

Turkish wedding customs and laws

A typical Turkish wedding is a collection of fascinating customs and Turkish people are so proud of them that even when a Turkish wedding is held abroad, it’s still filled with century-old traditions. Here are the 5 most important Turkish wedding traditions.

  • Religious or civil ceremony. These days, Turkish brides and grooms can choose between a religious ceremony, a civil ceremony, or a combination of the two. Note that religious weddings don’t have any legal binding power, so you may still need to go through a legal ceremony, even if it’s just for the two of you.
  • The whole community participates. Planning a wedding in a Turkish village, city, or even in a Turkish diaspora overseas is when the whole community comes together and does whatever they can to create the most magical event.
  • The red belt. In the past, Turkish brides wore a mandatory red belt that symbolized their purity and virginity. Today, for obvious reasons, the belt has lost its meaning, but it’s still one of the favorite wedding accessories for modern Turkish brides.
  • The car convoy. The bride and the groom will travel to their wedding venue in a car, accompanied by other cars with their relatives and friends forming a convoy. The children of the community will try to stop the convoy from going any further, and you will need to bribe them with sweets or even money if you want to get to your destination on time.
  • Who gets married next. Before stepping out of her family home, the bride will write the names of her unmarried female friends and family members on the soles of her shoes. Whoever has her name completely rubbed off by the end of the wedding is the next lucky girl to get married.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Turkish brides overly religious?

Religion plays an important role in the life of Turkish women, but its exact role depends on the bride’s origins. The more sheltered the woman’s upbringing is and the smaller her town/village is, the more likely she is to be very religious. However, when you meet Turkish women for marriage online, you almost always meet women from large cities who are not too religious.

Is it common for Turkish wives to work?

The situation with work differs from one Turkish family to another. It largely depends on three factors: the woman’s own ambitions, the way things are done in her family, and her husband’s ability to support the family on his own. Generally, Turkish mail order brides are open to the idea of being a stay-at-home wife and mother, provided that their husbands can afford it.

Do Turkish women love spending money?

It’s true that Turkish mail order brides are impartial to finer things in life. Many of them grow up in upper-class families where they are completely spoiled by their parents. However, you shouldn’t worry about your family’s finances if you decide to marry a Turkish bride. These women are sensible with money and will never spend more than they make.