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Why Are Pakistani Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Appearance, character, and life principles make pretty Pakistani girls become more and more sought after by foreign men each year. Here are more details about the peculiarities of Pakistani brides making them so attractive to Western men.

Pakistani Brides Look Exotically

Many men are tired of typical Western women. They want to try something new and extraordinary. And if you are one of these guys, beautiful Pakistani girls may be a great option for you! They look completely different from Western ladies. Pakistani brides attract foreigners with their gorgeous oriental beauty: hypnotizing hazel eyes, appealing full lips, long dark hair, and chocolate tan skin.

Pakistani Brides Are Polite

Pakistani ladies are well-mannered and never act rudely. They are very suave, especially towards men. So, if you want to have a woman who always behaves decently around, get registered on the Pakistani mail order brides platform and find a well-bred lady.

Pakistani Brides Are Faithful

Women of Pakistan are very serious about relationships. Once a lady of this nationality meets a soulmate, she remains devoted to him for long years. If you do not want to waste your time dating a woman who can easily leave you for someone else, then better choose one of Pakistani singles. A lady from this country will never betray you.

Pakistani Brides Are Pure

According to local traditions, intimate relationships before the wedding are not allowed. Therefore, hot Pakistani girls start to get sexual experience only with their husbands. If you have always dreamt of a woman without dozens of ex-boyfriends and without children from previous relationships, Pakistani chicks will definitely not disappoint you.

What Are Pakistani Wives Like?

Do you like the description of Pakistani girls and cannot wait to meet Pakistani women? Wait for a few minutes. Here are some more details you should know about the ladies of this nationality: what kind of wives they can make. 

Pakistani Wives Are Devoted

They never cheat on their husbands and remain faithful towards them throughout their lives. People in Pakistan divorce very rarely. It is not appreciated by the local culture. Therefore, Pakistani wives do everything possible to maintain good relationships with their husbands and live together for their whole life.

Pakistani Wives Are Excellent Cooks

Women of this nationality are very good at cooking. They always care about all family members being well-fed. Tasty and various dishes are waiting for husbands and kids every day.

Having such a wife, you will not even have a desire to visit restaurants. Any celebration can be held at home with a full table of delicious dishes and a welcoming atmosphere.

Pakistani Wives Are Diligent Housekeepers

These women know how to keep everything in order. Therefore, a house will always be clean, neat, and cozy. So, all family members will be comfortable there. And it will never be confusing to invite guests to your place as there will never be a mess at home.

Pakistani Wives Are Welcoming

If you have a lot of friends, you may not worry that a spouse will be against your communication with them. On the contrary, women of this nationality are fond of receiving guests. Pakistani wives like to organize both quiet cozy get-togethers with the closest circle and posh celebrations with dozens of guests.

Pakistani Wives Are Loving Mothers

These women usually do not limit their families to one child. Most of them want to have at least 3 children. And they try hard to pay much attention to all of them, to take thorough care of them, and to give all their love equally to all siblings. So, Pakistani mail order brides are perfect for men who have always dreamt of a large and friendly family.

Pakistani Wives Are Docile

These are not the kind of women who will start quarrels or show disrespect to their husbands. Spouses of this nationality believe that the word of a man is the law of their family. So, they are obedient and never contradict the decisions of their husbands.

Why Are Pakistani Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

There are plenty of reasons for this:

  • Gender discrimination and oppression of women in Pakistan. Women’s rights are very limited in this country. Females are completely dependent on their male relatives. Many modern Pakistani women are no longer satisfied with this situation and look for opportunities to move to countries free of such a problem.
  • Disrespect and cruelty of local men towards women. Men from this country do not consider women as full-value persons. They often act rudely towards their wives and treat them disrespectfully. Moreover, almost all Pakistani women have been subjected to domestic violence at least once. All this decreases the desire of Pakistani brides to marry local men. More and more of them are eager to find foreign husbands who will treat them more decently.
  • The harsh economic environment in the country. There is no sense to hide the fact that many Pakistani mail order brides are dreaming of a better life. That is why they are eager to marry foreigners and leave the poor homeland forever.
  • Lack of career opportunities for women in Pakistan. Intelligent Pakistani brides who have graduated from universities cannot realize their potential in the homeland. Employers often prefer male employees to female candidates. Moreover, even if a woman manages to find a job, she will earn less than a man in the same position. That is why many well-educated ladies believe marriage with foreigners to be a chance to move to the country where they will be able to build successful careers.

The Guide on Marrying a Pakistani Woman

Here are the tips on succeeding at every step of relationships: from getting acquainted to organizing the wedding.

Tips on Dating a Pakistani Girl

To make an impression of a good and prospective groom, stick to these rules of how to treat Pakistani brides:

  • Be polite. Pakistani brides are fond of true gentlemen. If you are never rude, you will favorably differ from local men and have more chances to win the heart of a lady from Pakistan.
  • Be respectful. Pakistani brides lack this very much. Treating a girl respectfully is the best way to express your love.
  • Show her that you are serious about her. Pakistani brides cannot date men who are not going to marry them. This is prohibited by the local culture. So, if she decides that you are not serious about her, she will stop communicating with you.
  • Do not be too active in showing your feelings. Though sexy Pakistani girls are very beautiful, they are not easy to get. Sex before the wedding is banned by local traditions and moral standards. Touches and even hints on intimacy are inappropriate. So, be careful with showing your love. You can express it only with words or gifts. No hugs or kisses. But do not get disappointed. You will have a lot of time for this after the wedding.
  • Take care of her. Pakistani brides highly appreciate strong and generous men who can take care of them. If you help her if she is in trouble, she will immediately fall in love with you.
  • Show interest in her family and meet them as soon as possible. Family connections are very strong in this country. And the opinion of parents is very important. So, to be able to marry a Pakistani bride, you should make a good impression on her family. And the earlier you start communicating with her relatives, the more chances of making friends with them you have.
  • Do not delay the marriage. Long dating is not appreciated by local traditions. Right after a man and a woman understand that they match each other, they start to make preparations for the wedding.

Meeting Pakistani Bride’s Parents: 5 Tips

  1. Learn more about her parents in advance. This will help you to make an idea of how to act when you meet them. For example, ask your bride what her parents like to know what presents to give to them.
  2. Show respect to her parents. This is a key point. If her parents see that you do not respect them they will not like you and will not let their daughter marry you.
  3. Give presents to her family. This will help you to show your respect and care for her family. Give presents not only to mother and father but to all relatives that live together with your Pakistani bride: her siblings, sometimes, grandmother and grandfather.
  4. Show that you are the best groom for their daughter. Reveal your best sides while communicating with her parents and show that you can take good care of their daughter.
  5. Tell them the details of how you are going to live together after the wedding. This is very important for the parents as they want to know what kind of life is waiting for their daughter in the future.

Pakistani Wedding Customs and Laws

The wedding is celebrated for 4 days:

  1. On the first day, Pakistani brides and their grooms celebrate the upcoming wedding separately from each other. This event is informal and is a small rehearsal of the future celebration. On this day, everyone is dressed in orange and yellow colors. Even though nowadays the dominating religion in Pakistan is Islam, yellow, which is preferred at such events, is an echo of other beliefs that prevailed in this territory earlier. For Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs, this color symbolizes happiness.
  2. The second day of the celebration is called Mendi, which stands for “henna”. On this day, Pakistani brides have their hands and feet painted with henna by specially invited artists. Often, the whole families of Pakistani brides take part in the ritual of henna painting as well. On the same day, the groom’s relatives bring a wedding dress for the bride.
  3. On the third day, the wedding ceremony itself is held. This is the most beautiful and the most solemn day. The outfits of the newlyweds are red, the bride’s dress and veil are lavishly decorated, and her image is complemented by exquisite jewelry.
  4. On the fourth wedding day, newlyweds receive guests. All of them gather in the groom’s house, where they sit at wedding tables and treat themselves, dance, and sing songs. Also, guests give presents or money to the newlyweds.


What is the Average Age of Pakistani Mail Order Brides?

According to local traditions, women get married very early. Sometimes, the age of Pakistani brides is even 14-16 years old. But mail order brides platforms do not accept girls under 18. So, the average age of Pakistani women for marriage is 18-20 years old.

Sometimes the age of Pakistani mail order brides reaches 22-25 years. These are mainly the girls from rich and progressive families who have studied in the universities and had to delay marriage because of the necessity to devote time to studying.

What Language Do Pakistani Mail Order Brides Speak?

Every man who has decided to date a foreign woman worries about a language barrier. So, this question is relevant for all potential users of Pakistani mail order brides services. But there is nothing to worry about. Pakistan is a multilingual country. There are two official languages: Urdu and English. As people from Pakistan speak English, the language barrier cannot prevent you from dating Pakistani girls.

Do Pakistani Wives Work After Marriage?

Most of them prefer being housewives. And this is not surprising. Pakistani brides are not eager to build careers as most of them have no decent education. So, they do not plan to work after marriage and will invest all their time, attention, and effort in housekeeping and kids’ upbringing.

The only exceptions are the girls from progressive rich families who have graduated from universities. Those ladies who have got a high level of education may be eager to build careers. And this may be one of the reasons for a desire to emigrate from the motherland to more developed countries with more career opportunities.