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Why Are Chinese Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Due to China’s gender politics of the past, Chinese women are now at an advantage when it comes to choosing a husband. However, they don’t have to limit their options to local men alone, as there are plenty of American guys who dream about getting a Chinese mail order bride. Here are the three best things about Chinese women for marriage.

They embody Asian beauty

When thinking about the Asian beauty standard, you are probably imagining a typical Chinese girl. Chinese women are usually not tall, but their hourglass figures and long legs more than make up for it. Women in China have delicate facial features that they masterfully enhance with makeup. However, Chinese girls are known for their natural beauty that they never alter with plastic surgery and extensive beauty procedures like their South Korean or Japanese counterparts.

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They are hard-working and curious

Chinese mail order brides receive a decent education, but they never stop there. They continue learning new things and becoming a better version of themselves every day. It’s not uncommon for women in China to be more ambitious and hard-working than men. You can often come across a woman in her thirties or forties who decided to turn her life around and get a new job, and we can only admire them for it.

They truly care about their partners

Whether you have been with your Chinese bride for a few months or a few decades, you can always feel her sincere interest in you and her desire to make her happy. Chinese women are not the ones to idly sit around and wait for their men to attend to them. When a Chinese girl is interested in you, she will always let you know about it. At every step of the way, you can feel the care and adoration from your Chinese mail order bride.

What Are Chinese Wives Like?

Dating a Chinese woman is an exciting experience, but marrying one is the ultimate goal for lots of men around the world. So why are Chinese wives so appealing to foreign men? These are just some of the things you can look forward to when you’re married to a Chinese wife.

Family comes first for them

Chinese mail order brides come from all walks of life. Some of them were born into privileged families and had every need met by their loved ones. Others had to work hard starting from childhood and carried that attitude into adulthood. However, no matter what kind of background your Chinese wife has, you can rest assured that you, and later the children, will always be the number one priority on her list.

They are fine with male leadership

If you are looking for a wife who won’t challenge your leadership and will instead give you the reins with the most important decisions in the family, you can’t go wrong with a Chinese wife. These women are very modern in many regards, but they are very traditional where it really matters. Chinese brides were raised in families where the male leadership was not up for debate, and they have no intentions of changing this setup when they have their own families.

They pay special attention to the family’s meals

Chinese food may seem exotic to an outsider, but if you look closely at a typical meal a Chinese family eats in one day, you will see that it has all the nutrients and vitamins both adults and children need to live healthily. Chinese wives make it their priority to supply their loved ones with fresh, high-quality meals from the best ingredients, and after a long day at work, you can always look forward to a steaming pot of delicious Chinese classics.

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Why Are Chinese Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

China is a polarizing country, and it’s even more true for Chinese women. On one hand, they now have more education and career opportunities than ever and are seemingly free to direct their own lives. On the other hand, they are still constantly patronized and underestimated by local men. When a Chinese woman gets married, she is expected to leave all of her old life behind and spend 100% of her time at home. This inequality, plus the sincere attraction Chinese women have for Western men, is what leads them to look for foreign husbands in the first place.

The Guide on Marrying a Chinese Woman

Tips on dating a Chinese girl

No matter how brief or long, your relationship with a Chinese mail order bride will impact your future life together and will be the deciding factor for your bride when you ask her to marry you. Here is how to improve your chances.

  • Fully accept her quirks. The personality and dating habits of Chinese girls can be very different from what you’ve experienced in the past, but you need to do your best to not only accept them, but also appreciate the little things that make her unique.
  • Prove yourself to be a perfect gentleman. Women in China are no prudes, but they cannot stand men who are trying to get physical too early in the relationship. Wait for your bride to initiate the first kiss or hug first.
  • Talk about your long-term plans. There is no need to declare love on the first date or propose marriage on the third, but your Chinese mail order bride needs to know that you’re not just in it for a quick thrill.
  • Don’t rely on flattery. Compliments are very important to Chinese women and they love hearing how infatuated you are. However, there is a big difference between compliments and outright flattery, and the latter won’t do you any favors.
  • There is no such thing as too much attention. You and your Chinese bride probably won’t be able to see each other every day, but you can still keep the fire going with the help of messages, calls, gifts, flowers, and other small but thoughtful surprises.
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Meeting Chinese bride parents: 3 tips

The meeting with the parents of your Chinese mail order bride will happen sooner or later, so when you feel ready to take your relationship with your bride to the next step, you can just as well get proactive and plan the meeting yourself. Here are the three tips that will help you:

  • Only meet the family when you have serious intentions. In Chinese romantic culture, meeting the parents is nearly as important as the wedding itself, so you should only do it when you know that your plans are serious and will remain unchanged.
  • Homemade and food gifts are welcome. Unless your Chinese bride is willing to help you, you cannot really know their tastes. That is why a basket with fresh delicious fruit you arranged yourself or a bottle of wine from home will work better.
  • Act like you are already a member of the family. When you are meeting your future Chinese in-laws, be polite but not shy and reserved. Take an active part in the conversations, make jokes, help with the table, and generally act like you belong.

Chinese wedding customs and laws

It can take you a lifetime to study Chinese culture, but you can get a pretty good idea about it when you attend a Chinese wedding. When it’s your own Chinese wedding that you’re attending in the nearest future, here are the most important customs to remember.

  • Choosing the wedding date. For Chinese brides and grooms, the wedding date is never chosen randomly. There are several unlucky dates every year that are widely known, and for everything else, you will need to consult an astrologist or a fortune teller.
  • The wedding procession. The wedding procession takes place right before the ceremony. It is attended by the groom, his family, and closest friends. The bridal party will greet the procession at the entrance to the bride’s home.
  • Tea ceremony. Instead of the traditional wedding ceremony that couples have in other parts of the world, Chinese brides and grooms have tea ceremonies. They prepare one or more kinds of tea and serve it to their two sets of parents.
  • The banquet. The banquet, or the wedding reception, is the more traditional part of the wedding in China. It is attended by numerous guests, who are served classic Chinese food and each dish has its own symbolism.
  • The third-day visit. On the third day of the wedding, the new husband and wife will visit the bride’s parents at their home. This visit was traditionally done by the husband to show that he’s taking good care of his wife, and now it’s just a cute custom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chinese mail order brides overly materialistic?

There is some truth to the rumors that Chinese women care a lot about money. They do want their families to live in comfort and to have everything they need. However, they don’t want to achieve it by using only their husband’s finances. They are also prepared to work hard for the sake of their families and to share the financial burden.

Is it difficult for Chinese wives to get used to living in another country?

Chinese women are so immersed in their culture and proud of their heritage that leaving China can indeed be challenging for them. That is why they always try to take a bit of China with them wherever they go. Your Chinese wife will have some trinkets around the house, cook traditional Chinese meals, and often talk to her family back in China to remind her of her home.

How do Chinese wives prefer to share house duties?

Traditionally, it’s the women in China who do most of the housework and have more responsibilities with the children. However, ultimately, the answer to this question depends on whether your Chinese wife is also working. In case she’s making a financial contribution to the family budget, then it’s only fair for you to do some of the duties as well.