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Why Are Indonesian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Thousands of Indonesian women move to the USA and Western European countries to their new foreign husbands every year. What makes them so highly demanded? Here are the features due to which Indonesian chicks attract foreign men and favorably differ from Western ladies.

Indonesian Brides Are Charming

They look exotically. Though far from all of them can be called the queens of beauty, all of them are very cute. They usually have:

  • not tall height;
  • slim, miniature bodies;
  • lovely round faces;
  • beautiful smooth tan skin;
  • long dark hair;
  • adorable dark eyes.

Indonesian girls are not fond of cosmetics. They use it very rarely. The absence of bright make-up makes them look younger and cuter.

Indonesian Brides Are Sexy

Although the prevailing religion in Indonesia is Islam, religious laws are not very strict and radical here. So, hot Indonesian girls are free to express their sexuality. They do not have to retain their virginity until marriage.

Indonesian Brides Are Cheerful and Positive

Beautiful Indonesian girls seem even more attractive due to being optimistic, energetic, and easy-going. They often smile and do not mind making new friends. They willingly talk to strangers, even to tourists, unlike many other Asian women. This makes pretty Indonesian girls very popular with men as they do not consider them as too cold and unapproachable.

Indonesian Brides Are Kind and Friendly

They will never leave someone in trouble. Indonesian ladies are always ready to comfort others or to help them when they are in need. Such a feature helps them to make friends easier and, of course, be more attractive to potential husbands. Every man likes to communicate with a girl who understands him and sympathizes with him when he needs it.

Indonesian Brides Are Modest

Women in Indonesia do not like showing out. They never act arrogantly and do not see any sense in pretending to be better than they really are. Such honesty and modesty attract men who are tired of posh chicks. If you are one of these guys who do not want to deal with contemptuous and showy girls, one of the cute Indonesian mail order brides can make a perfect match for you.

Indonesian Brides Are Self-Sufficient and Enterprising

Although the dominating religion of Indonesia is Islam, radical religious laws do not prevail. Indonesian women are less oppressed than females of other Muslim countries. Local traditions include a respectful attitude towards them.

So, girls of this nationality grow in the atmosphere of love and respect that makes them be self-confident and become self-sufficient personalities when growing up.

Many Indonesian women have got higher education. Some of them who come from rich families study abroad. And even those who haven’t got a degree, often are enterprising and find ways to earn their own money.

Many Indonesian women are small entrepreneurs or engaged in the commerce or tourist industry as employees.

Being self-sufficient attracts men who do not like women without any ambitions and their own opinions. And this is definitely not about Indonesian brides.

Moreover, being self-sufficient and modest at the same time makes them even two times more appealing and pleasant to communicate with.

What Are Indonesian Wives Like?

Before you decide to date an Indonesian woman, find out what kind of a wife she can make to understand whether you can make a happy couple with a girl of this nationality.

Indonesian Wives Are Calm

Shouting is considered as showing disrespect to others, according to Indonesian mentality. Therefore, Indonesian wives rarely start quarrels and never raise the tone. They prefer discussing every issue peacefully without screaming and insulting each other. But note that every woman of this nationality expects her husband to show the same behavior.

Indonesian Wives Are Not Very Jealous

This can be explained by the local culture. Earlier, having several wives was typical to men in Indonesia. This is still allowed by the local law till nowadays but is not very widespread among modern young people.

But Indonesian women’s opinion about polygamy has remained neutral. Most likely, an Indonesian wife will not mind her husband having a lover. But, of course, you should discuss this issue in advance and get to know what a particular Indonesian bride thinks about it before marrying her.

Indonesian Wives Are Good Mothers

Large families are normal for Indonesian wives. They have seen such a family pattern since childhood. So, women of this nationality usually do not mind having a few kids.

And they never become indifferent to their children. They are excellent in the role of mothers. They always care about their kids’ well-being and try hard to cultivate the right life views in them.

Indonesian Wives Are Active

Although many Indonesian wives do not work after marriage, they stay active and do not become lazy hens with no ambitions and interests. They usually have many hobbies and prefer an active lifestyle. Moreover, some of them can start their own small businesses or help husbands to manage their ones.

Why Are Indonesian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

According to statistics, there are more males than females in Indonesia. There are enough local grooms for all Indonesian brides. But why are so many Indonesian singles looking for foreign husbands?

This can be explained by the fact that after marrying local men Indonesian brides lose a big part of their freedom.

While singles are free to wear what they want, have fun in any way they want, and build careers, the life of married women is limited to the kitchen, children, and a husband. According to the local culture, married women must not work. Therefore, they become completely financially dependent on their husbands.

Moreover, it is dangerous for Indonesian wives to divorce as they lose everything. According to local law, a woman cannot own any property. So, everything in the life of Indonesian women belongs either to their fathers or to husbands. After divorce, a lady cannot take anything from her ex-husband.

Due to such a disadvantaged position, Indonesian wives usually obey their husbands and do not do the things they forbid.

Not all girls are ready to sacrifice their activeness, career, and comfortable life together with their parents for starting a family with a local. Therefore, some of them aim at finding a foreign husband and moving to a country where it is normal for married women to manage their lives on their own and decide whether to build a career or not by themselves.

The Guide on Marrying an Indonesian Woman

Have you joined an Indonesian mail order brides service, looked through dozens of profiles of sexy Indonesian girls, and do not know what to do next? Here are some recommendations on how to develop relationships with Indonesian women for marriage.

Tips on Dating an Indonesian Girl

  1. Be calm and never rush. Being fussy may be taken as disrespect by Indonesian brides.
  2. Do not talk loudly. This is taken as bad manners by Indonesian brides.
  3. Guide by her mood. Indonesian brides very rarely say honestly that they are offended. So, you should monitor her mood. If she is positive and cheerful as always, everything is fine. But if she gets upset, think of how you could offend her and try to figure out what is the matter. 
  4. Give presents in the right way. If you have decided to please your Indonesian bride with a gift you have to take care of beautiful packaging. This is the rule of good manners in Indonesia.

Meeting Indonesian Bride’s Parents: 3 Tips

Do not worry when it is time to meet the Indonesian girl’s parents. Despite the cultural barrier it will not be very difficult to find a common ground with them if you take into account some peculiarities of local etiquette:

  1. Give presents to all family members of an Indonesian bride. Do not forget about beautiful wrapping. Gifts can be small, but they should be. Coming to someone’s place empty-handed is considered as being bad-mannered in Indonesia. But do not be surprised or offended if they do not unwrap presents immediately. In Indonesia, it is believed that only greedy and mercantile people unpack gifts in front of the one who has presented them.
  2. Stand up when her mother or father comes in. This is a traditional Indonesian way to show respect to the owners of the place where a guest has been invited.
  3. Try not to refuse when her parents want to treat you to something, but never take more than you can eat. Leaving something on your plate may offend her mother as she may think that you didn’t like a dish.

Indonesian Wedding Customs and Laws

Not all Indonesian mail order brides insist on sticking to local wedding traditions by foreign grooms. But it is useful to know something about the most interesting of them:

  • Indonesian brides wear dresses of bright colors with rich embroidery at the ceremony.
  • Indonesian brides do not put on wedding veils, they wear a crown at the ceremony.
  • Indonesian brides invite plenty of guests to the wedding. Sometimes their number reaches 1000 and more.
  • Some Indonesian brides get their hands and feet painted with henna 3 days before the wedding.
  • Earlier, there was a tradition that a bride and a groom should not eat, drink, and wash themselves for 3 days before the wedding. Otherwise, they will be unhappy and will not have many children. Nowadays this tradition is rarely followed.


Can a Language Barrier Prevent Me From Dating Indonesian Women?

The official language in this country is Indonesian. Also, many people speak such languages as Javanese or Malay. As for English, it is taught at schools and universities as a compulsory subject. This foreign language is popular with locals and is learned by pupils willingly as it gives prospects to find a job in the promising and rapidly developing tourism industry.

So, those Indonesian mail order brides who studied well at school speak English. Sometimes their level of this foreign language can be not sufficient for discussing some complex topics. But for plain everyday communication, it is usually enough.

Is It Allowed to Indonesian Brides to Marry Foreigners?

Yes, it is. This is a rather progressive country compared to other Muslim ones. There are no strict religious laws that would forbid Indonesian brides to marry foreigners.

Do Indonesian Wives Work After Marriage?

There are two scenarios of the attitude of Indonesian mail order brides to work after marriage:

  1. Some Indonesian mail order brides are not going to get rid of the local mentality and believe that a woman must not work after getting married. This type of Indonesian mail order brides will never work after marriage, so you should be ready to be the only breadwinner for the family.
  2. Other Indonesian mail order brides are eager to marry foreigners in order to move to the country where it is normal for a woman to work after marriage. This type of Indonesian mail order brides will not want to stay at home and will be ambitious about building a career.

To find out what opinion regarding this issue a particular Indonesian bride has, do not be shy to ask her what she thinks about working after marriage.

How Do Indonesian Wives Share Household Chores?

Indonesian mail order brides have a very fair opinion regarding this issue. Indonesian wives who do not work are ready to assume all household chores. But the ones who work insist on sharing duties equally.

Also, all Indonesian wives expect their husbands to take an active part in kids’ upbringing.